Last day, LONGEST day

We are coming at you live from the South Korean airport and thinking back to this morning honestly feels like days ago. But here we go. So this morning (luckily) did not begin like any other mornings. No wake up call. Praise Jesus for that. The only time that mattered was we had to be … Continue reading Last day, LONGEST day

Cebu-tiful Day

(Insert bomb intro here). Many students were ecstatic at the mere thought of the Montebello omelettes on top of garlic rice, a new found favorite breakfast. Before we began the rest of our day, the leaders gathered us together to impart some of their wisdom upon us, teaching us how we need to take time … Continue reading Cebu-tiful Day

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Today started with our “normal” morning routine. You guessed it…wake up knocks from the leaders, buffet style breakfast and some really good juice. However, this morning looked a little different than our previous mornings at Anika. Instead of loading up the jeepneys and heading to San Agustin Elementary School, we loaded up jeepneys and headed … Continue reading Oh the Places You’ll Go

Deja Vu

Picture this. With tears in our eyes we get off the jeepney, with a crazy feeling of deja vu, hearing the band playing their drums and xylophones, seeing the girls with their batons, smiling bigger than the moon. As we walk in to Tarong Elementary School for the first time, a hundred tiny hands high … Continue reading Deja Vu

Humble, Happy Homes.

Today started out just as the other two… early. We helped ourselves to yet another buffet – this time including pancakes, pineapple and bacon. We then took another Jeepney ride to the school to see all of our kids who were so excitedly awaiting our arrival. Relationships quickly picked up where they left off, and … Continue reading Humble, Happy Homes.