Bye Bye (Cebuano)

10 thoughts on “Bye Bye (Cebuano)”

  1. Hope the Philippines enjoy treated you well. Keep doing good out there. We really need it. Have a safe trip home.


  2. Totally Awesome!!! I know that you all are forever changed. God is Good!! Safe Travels! We will pray for a safe and comfortable trip home!!


    1. I cant wait to hear about all of this from her! I love that she and all the others have had a great and life changing experience! But I know that you all will all be so thankful to be back in y’alls own bed and much needed family and friends love! I WANNA SEE VIDEOS!!


  3. I’m happy that y’all did amazing stuff in the Philippines! Can’t wait to see y’all back home and hear stories on Sunday!


  4. Loved seeing the last blog post and yet so bittersweet.

    I am thrilled that my baby girl is on her way home but know she is sad that this trip is coming to an end… not be with all of you anymore, at least in the Philippines. These relationships will last a lifetime with leaders and students.

    So thankful for this opportunity! Halle, we can’t wait to see you!! (Hope you didn’t shop too much that your suitcase was over the limit.)

    Rest up and safe travels team- “well done, good and faithful servant”
    💜Daube Family


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY G!!! I love y’all & I cannot wait to see y’all when you get home! God worked through y’all these past few days and I know that y’all did incredible things! All of inside out misses y’all! See y’all soon!


  6. I don’t know most of you but I feel like I do by following this incredible experience. From the words in your blogs and the messages from Chaddad- it sounds like you have all given it all to God during this trip and I know all of the parents, loved ones & friends are so proud of the people you are. Thanks again for inviting us in!

    I know that coming home is full of mixed emotions, not to mention added exhaustion from the travel. All of us want you safe in Georgia soon but we know you’ll come back changed with part of your heart back in the Pines.

    So beyond words thankful for this team of leaders who have taken time away from their reality to share this time with y’all. So I apologize in advance if I give you an awkward – ugly cry hug.

    Grayson- you can pretty much expect that ugly cry hug. You are so loved. We are so proud of you & grateful to God for using this beautiful place, its people, and your teams to shape your character. Never lose that. 💛
    P.S. PB says she “kind of” misses you but she just tries to forget about you & she’s fine..but you’re the only one that gives shoulder rides so I guess you can come home.


  7. Thankful to you all for answering God’s call to go. Loved every blog post, really helped my Mamma’s heart to hear the amazing ride you all have been on. The relationships you have made, the experiences that you’ve had, these are things you will remember for a lifetime. I know that God is so pleased with all you have done.
    Thank you leadership team for taking such good care of our kids. Words cannot express my grateful heart. These kids will be forever changed.
    Praying for safe travels home. Glad you’re coming home, but sad you have to leave the Pines. You have left a piece of your heart there for sure. I can’t wait to see you Sarah!


  8. Again I’m so sad that this adventure comes to a close – I know my girl so well and I know she is heartbroken to have this amazing experience be over so fast – it’s like I can feel her pain already. Y’all have done so much in such a short period of time ! Safe travels home – thank you for all of the wonderful updates over the past two weeks – it’s been the highlight of everyday for me. And Happy Birthday Garrett!!


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