I ❤️ Bohol

30 thoughts on “I ❤️ Bohol”

    1. Gosh, I don’t know why I thought today was Wednesday. . I really thought I was gonna see you tomorrow. 😂 We will be so excited to hug you on Thursday.❤️❤️❤️


  1. Can’t wait to see you Sarah! Missing you more every day! Praying for safety and that you enjoy the last few hours! Love you! Mom, Dad and Remi, of course, she’s going to go crazy when she sees you!


  2. MM!!!!
    I can’t come to the airport to see you when you get home because I will be on a softball trip, but I can’t wait to see your smiling face and hear all about this trip!!
    Miss you tons and safe travels❤️❤️❤️


  3. Gabby we cannot wait to give a big hug!!! We are so proud of you, your fellow students and leaders. Hat a wonderful experience!!

    We love you,
    Dad, Mom and Will


  4. Rabid monkeys and no chocolate. Sounds like a dream! 😁 I have loved each update and just feeling all of the excitement and emotion. Thank you to each of you who typed and shared away through your exhaustion.

    Prayers for safe travels and that these sweet memories have filled each of your hearts!

    Gray- we are stupid excited to see you & listening as you recount this experience through your eyes and from your heart. But peel your skin BEFORE you get to the gate. Hide the evidence that you didn’t listen to your momma! #snek 143


  5. Hello! Most of y’all don’t know me–I was a former student/leader a few years ago. My very first year as a student (2013..) we went to Bohol for our free day!! We climbed those thousand stairs to the top of the chocolate hills, met the sweet ladies with their ukuleles, and got to see some finger monkeys (then we realized they weren’t actually finger monkeys but “tarsiers”). The nostalgia is real! I’ve never forgotten it!

    I’ve been keeping up with all your posts and this trip and team has been absolutely amazing! Definitely a special group, and I hope you all have had the best time. I’m in my mid-20s now and the impact this trip had on me as a student still hits a chord. I am a better individual because of this experience.

    As you head into your last day, it’s important to know that each on of you has served a purpose and made a difference in somebody’s life! Child or adult, teammate or leader, big or small, nobody else at THIS point in time could have served that purpose other than you for the last two weeks.

    Sending you all love and wishing you safe travels home!

    Also shoutout to the BEST…Hi Chad Dad, Robin, Kyle, and Maggie!!

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  6. Prayers for safe travels and sleep on the long flight! Chloe we cannot wait to see you and hug you BIG TIME! Missed you like crazy but know that you will be changed for the better. Love you so!! Mom xoxo


  7. I’m so glad you all got a day to spend together as a team, cementing the relationship you have formed over these last weeks. When you get home, no one will be better equipped to help your re-entry into the States than this team! I hope the other parents realize that this group is now family & the bond you all share is unlike any other. That’s what I love about this trip! I’m so thankful for the leaders and a church that enables our high schoolers to go around the world to share God’s love and experience life change of their own! Safe travels and continued health! Hug my Gurr boys!! Val


  8. Missing my Haley! Praying for safe travels and so looking forward to giving you a huge hug. Thank you to the leaders for keeping our monkeys safe! Dad


  9. What a wonderful day, full of adventure and bonding!! Can’t believe it’s time for y’all to head back. It went by so fast!!

    Thank you to all that took the time to write the updates. Your words meant everything to family and friends at home!

    To the leaders- I don’t even know where to begin…..Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for everything you did, to make this trip the absolute best experience for the students. You made lifelong memories and gained several “sons and daughters”. And the peace I had as a parent knowing my daughter was in the best hands- Forever Grateful!!

    Halle Girl, I know the re-entry is rough but we are looking forward to having you home. You have been missed!!

    Prayers for safe travel.
    Hugs & love from the Daubes


  10. We can’t wait to see your beautiful face on Thursday!!!! Also, we can wait to hear about this amazing journey you have been on. We love bunches Jordan Hope!!!!

    Mom, Dad, Trev, Rocky and Apollo

    P.S- Apollo weighs 20 pounds!!!!!


  11. Almost on your way! Can’t wait to see you all at the airport Thursday, but will be coming at Morgan Nale fast for a hug! Safe travels. Did anyone get sick?


  12. Taylor…looking forward to seeing your face on Thursday even if you are cranky from lack of sleep. So glad you have had this experience again and have grown from it. I pray that everything goes smoothly for the team as you travel home and you are safely in the ATL on Thursday by lunch (Chick Fil A sounds like a must!). Love you so much…Miller 4 – YOU


  13. Sounds like an amazing day!! Can’t wait to see all of the gorgeous pictures!! Elise your Aunt Tonya asked if I was counting down the hours till I see you and I told her yes but that I probably need to add three days to that because I know you will come home and sleep like crazy!! Love you


  14. Sounds like a great day of adventures! Praying for safe travels back to the states, see you at the airport. Love you- mom


  15. You have all done such an amazing job on the blog posts. Thank you for pouring your hearts out and making us all feel like we are part of your journey. I can’t wait to hug so many of your necks and hear all the stories of how God has used you to love others. I miss you and love you Charlie Webb, Mom


  16. MORGAN!!! I can’t wait to see your face on Thursday!!! I miss your smile. I’m excited to hear everything, I love & miss you. Safe travels!!! Sending love and prayers to everyone


  17. Wow! Bohol sounds Amazing! So glad that you were able to experience it. A well deserved ending to such a life changing trip. You all have made so many incredible memories that you will forever treasure.
    Illie…… hope you had fun in Bohol
    enjoying your free time and I hope that this trip is everything that you thought it would be and more. I know your heart will be forever changed by the events of the last week and a half. We can’t wait to see you ! We miss you so very much and we love you the Mostest!
    Hugs and Kisses!XO😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


  18. Praying for safe travels home!
    We miss you like crazy TJ and can’t wait to see your face! And of course……Happy Birthday G 🎉🎈🎉
    I hope you had an amazing day!


  19. hey tay!! all of de here… we aren’t sure if u will be able to read this but we all miss u so so much!! all of our sleepovers aren’t the same without u! we are so so proud of u and can’t wait to see u so soon!! -gibs,Liz,sass,ken, aves,rea, and gracie


  20. Sounds like you finished out the trip strong! I can only imagine the amount of sweat, tears, smiles, and laughs! I can’t wait to see your faces! Karson, I have decided that leaving the nest is not for you! Your mom will miss you way too much:) Please don’t fall asleep in the airport! I’ll see your cute face in Cleveland! To the rest of the crew… Mama K will make a feast and have ya’ll over soon! Miss ya’ll!! Praying for safe travels and sleep on the plane!


  21. It’s hard to imagine all you’ve experienced over the past 12 days-can’t wait to hear all about it! Safe travels to everyone. I can’t wait to see you in 24 hours, Gabby!!!!!
    Mom ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻


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