3 thoughts on “WE MADE IT!”

  1. praying so hard for y’all as each and everyone of y’all embark on this incredible journey! I know god has taken you this far and has the most incredible plan for this team! work hard and through it all thank him for giving you this opportunity, for the life you have back in the U.S. and for literally everything else! Y’all have taken a huge leap of faith and I cannot wait to hear about the incredible life change when you get back! #allforjesus


  2. Oh my stars! I am so excited that you all are finally in the Philippines! Sleep fast and go be awesome! Hug my Gurr boys! Love & miss you!!


  3. This is so great!
    My cousin Peyton Oliver is with yall. We are so proud of her and her team, I know she will have so many stories and such a happy heart to share the love and word of the Lord!
    Its such a good experience of a life time thats for sure, Im so excited to hear more updates, Praise Our Father!


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