Last day, LONGEST day

5 thoughts on “Last day, LONGEST day”

  1. We all appreciate each and every post that comes across this page. Each one makes my heart melt seeing all the love you are sharing on the other side of the globe. Your willingness to give to others what god gave you …unconditional love. I am so excited to see all your smiling faces tomorrow….especially you Emma D…love you and miss you bunches!


  2. We are so proud of the work you have done and the life lessons you have learned and shared through this experience. Can’t wait to see you 😘


  3. This last post brought me to tears just as the others did. I realize how very blesssed my girl is to have such an amazing opportunity. I am Thankful for the relationships she was able to build through this experience and know she will cherish these moments and this group forever. Thank you 1000 times to the leaders for guiding them through this journey. We appreciate you so much!! We know you gave your hearts to all of them. We love you all!!


  4. Thank you for every word & every picture shared so that we could share this incredible time with you all. We are beyond grateful for the leaders, for Les & Saralee and the entire Quest team for welcoming and coming alongside our students. Praying for the last part of this trip, y’all are over Russia as I type. Gotta love some flight stalking! But I know that the impact doesn’t end tomorrow at the airport.
    ❤️ -Grayson’s sappy Mom.


  5. My heart was so full as I read this final blog..tears rolled and smiles lingered as I relived these times with you. Mission trips like these do so much more than anyone can ever imagine for those that participate. I am pleased to know all the carry on value they will have on the hearts of especially the youth. God will bless each of you as you bless others..carry that thought into each day…I cant thank you enough for my journey with you through this blog. Prayers continue. Gramma Pat


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