Cebu-tiful Day

3 thoughts on “Cebu-tiful Day”

  1. You are being prayed for so much as you journey home! I know as you look back on your previous 10 days it almost seems surreal. There is sadness in some ways, but amazing awe in all that God has done. Way to go IO Philippines Team!!! Please know this…This trip will forever be a huge part of your life. No one but your team or teams that have gone before you will fully understand the depth of all you have experienced. Be patient with those closest to you at home as you process coming back and reengaging into your life here. We are so blessed. You are SO BLESSED. Take your passion and put it on others. Love others well here. Share when you can and know ultimately GOD KNOWS. You are all so loved.


  2. Great day to end your trip! Your God sized adventure now complete, please take all these memories and share with us in detail when you get home. You have done something most will never do. Your God story of your life just got bigger. Share it loudly!! Much Love from me and the Kenyan IO team!


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