The Good Times Keep Rollin’

8 thoughts on “The Good Times Keep Rollin’”

  1. Another great update. I am so pleased to read about the adventure, bonding and growth that is occurring. I can’t wait to see pics of the wall that was painted.
    I am extremely proud of this group and their journey. We love you and miss you Cameron. #livelife #lovegod


  2. What an amazing venture for God through the mission you are doing. Each of you are surely showing the kind of love God want us to share among those wonderful children. Like the ripples on the water when a pebble is tossed, what is happening now will continue as Gods love spreads..carry on our prayers are with you….and will someone please take a pic of Cameron with a paint brush in hand …lol ..lov gram


  3. OMG!!!! I love this!!! The BBC UpStreet team loves you guys! Will somebody give Mags a huge HUG from all of us. Please tell the other leaders how much I love them. WOW! You guys are going where no one else will go. You are loving children the way Jesus would. “Let the little children come to me” The tears flowed when I got the picture of you guys sharing John 3:16 and children sitting at HIS feet being loved by HIM. This team is Jesus (He is ALIVE in YOU) this week. Keep it up!!!!


  4. Thank you for these amazing updates!!! You can tell that God is working through each and everyone of you!! Someone please give Kennedy a hug from his mom!! Xoxo


  5. I’ve been following these amazing updates! Extend my hugs to all of you guys and to my husband NELSON (you are an awesome hubby!), Filipino and American friends on this trip! I will continue to pray for all of you and enjoy each moment!

    Love you guys! #allforHim


  6. “The joy we get from serving God’s people will never get old.” May this hold true. This post gives us an extra heart swell, noting the co-author. Keep shinning the light and safe travels! #EmmaD 😁


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