Holy Moly Good God of Glory

12 thoughts on “Holy Moly Good God of Glory”

  1. LOVE. So happy to see this post & everyone’s faces!! Praying & celebrating God’s movement in the lives of each of you & your new friends in the Philippines!


  2. So amazed at all the new experiences everyone is being exposed too. I teared up just reading it. I was particular moved by..”The whole time our team was serving…how the children have close to nothing and are happier then we are back home.” If we have God, we have everything. Prayers Up.


  3. Oh my stars! What an amazing post! I teared up just reading it. I love the pictures. Just seeing my boys smiling faces makes this momma so happy!! Stay hydrated!


  4. As a nervous dad these updates are sheer joy. I am so excited each day to read about your journey.
    Prayers for everyone’s safety and continued growth with God.
    We love you Cameron


  5. SO happy reading all of this. My heart is so warm thinking about how overjoyed these kids are to see you. Take in every moment! God is doing beautiful and heavenly things through all of you! Mahal kita ates and kuyas<33


  6. I am RE – living every moment with you guys!! I am praying God is in every smile, every hug given, every word spoken, every tear, every minute of sleep lost, every bead of sweat, every one on one, every worship experience, every share time, every Jeepney ride, and every smoothie you drink 🙂 (mango banana 100%) DO NOT rush the moment…BE THERE. I seriously love each of you for giving of yourselves to love others. You all are the body…Jesus. He is living in you and through you. This fires me UP!!!!!!!


  7. Dad and I are so proud of you and getting out of your comfort zone!!, I know you will have so much to share when you are home. We love you so much!


  8. Miss u so much i hope your having an amazing time and doing great things!! can’t wait to hear all the story’s u have!


  9. We are so proud of the work you are all doing! And I know the teachers and students love having you there too. Although you are there to teach you are also there to learn so soak in all in ☀️ sunshine! Love you 😘

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  10. I love your blog. I can seriously feel what you’re experiencing. Thank you for making everything so detailed for us back home!!!! We miss you!!! Especially Emma Burns!!! Savor everything.


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