Back to Bantayan

7 thoughts on “Back to Bantayan”

  1. Well…..I was very happy to hear that your plane did not break on the flight over so it sounds like you are off to a good start. By now, I am sure you have heard about the possibility of getting sick so I am going to share with you the secret to not getting sick. Prayer, Prayer, Prayer……..AND, watch Heath Gurr everytime you eat something–if Heath does not eat it then neither should you–just trying to help you out. Forget about the World Cup, everybody knows that the biggest International matchup will take place this week as the Americans defend their basketball title against the Philippino All-Stars. Noah Gurr—look at your passport, why do I feel the need to remind you that you are an American and should be playing with the American team this year. Cole Petty—I leave you in charge, come home with a W. All kidding aside, the next 4 days that you spend with the people of Bantayan will stay with you forever. I know it will be hot and you will get tired but don’t waste one second over the next 4 days. Let God work through you to touch the people of Bantayan. I promise you will be touched by them. Have a great time and I look forward to hearing all of the awesome stories when you return. God Bless.

    Coach Tilden


    1. glad to hear you guys made it to the most beautiful island on earth safely!! i’m so excited for you guys and the days ahead on bantayan… hopefully no one catches the plague! praying so so hard for y’all and for the people you will soon be serving.


  2. I’m so excited to see what the Lord has planned for your trip and I cannot wait to read all about it during the next ten days! Praying for all of you!
    Love and miss you❤️


  3. I am so excited for each of you as you experience Gods beautiful world from a different perspective. You supply the hands and God will direct your paths. Stay safe and healthy and continue on this most fascinating journey God be with you.


  4. “Flipping down to the ferry”….has this mom a little worried because I suspect my “flipper” would flip if given the chance….
    Caroline don’t break anything!


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