Bye Bye (Cebuano)

Today started out a little different. We were allowed to sleep in a little because our wake up call wasn’t until 9 AM. Thank you Jesus! The team got all packed up and headed to breakfast for our last taste of famous omelets, donuts, and fettuccine Alfredo of the trip. The team then gathered for … Continue reading Bye Bye (Cebuano)

I ❤️ Bohol

Hi friends and family!! We can’t believe today was our last full day in the Philippines. So many bittersweet feelings – we miss you all, but we’re sure we’ll miss our “second home” too. This morning we were woken up at 5:30 AM by our sweet leaders knocking on our doors so that we could … Continue reading I ❤️ Bohol

Home Away From Home

Hey Friends and Family, Happy Sunday! After a wonderful and long night’s rest, we woke up to knocks on our doors at 7 A.M. Oh how we have missed the Montebello breakfast buffet. From eggs to bacon to sugary doughnuts they truly have it all (minus the fettuccine alfredo)! But please pray that the fettuccine … Continue reading Home Away From Home

On the Road Again

Hey parents, families & friends! Maggie & Kyle here! We are posting tonight because the students need some serious sleep after our long travel day back to Cebu. From ferry to bus to dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant, they are finally in bed. We hope you’ll accept this statement to keep your hearts at … Continue reading On the Road Again

Crying Fiesta

A million different emotions are rushing through our minds as we try and express the tremendous amount of love and heartbreak felt throughout the day. It started off like any other day with our 6:50 wake up call and a delicious breakfast ahead of us. We filled up our stomachs with pancakes, sausage, and scrambled … Continue reading Crying Fiesta

Cue Firework by Katy Perry

Happy Independence Day! Today was another early wake up! 7 am seems to be getting earlier each morning. With sore muscles and tired faces, the team headed to breakfast. On today’s menu we had bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and French toast. After breakfast, we sang the National Anthem and took a picture with the American flag. … Continue reading Cue Firework by Katy Perry


We started out the day with another early 6:45 AM wakeup call, but this morning we all stepped out of bed with a pleasant surprise of aching bodies and sore backs. Breakfast was served with plenty of fresh pineapples, eggs, toast, and bacon, and we all ate up knowing we needed to have full stomachs … Continue reading #DirtyAmericans